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Artificial Intelligence Literacy

Explore the potential of AI for your studies and beyond, and develop your understanding of AI in order to engage with the technology critically.

With the launch of ChatGPT in late 2022, the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies has become more understandable for many of us. The ever-expanding number of user-friendly apps under development have made AI more accessible and usable in every-day life, and in the University and education context.

As these technologies continue to evolve, with potential new applications being explored all the time, being AI Literate is becoming more important. These resources will help you begin to develop your understanding of AI Literacy in order to approach the technologies critically and responsibly.

A set of competencies that enables individuals to critically evaluate AI technologies; communicate and collaborate effectively with AI; and use AI as a tool online, at home, and in the workplace

AI Unplugged (Georgia Tech University) Available at: https://aiunplugged.lmc.gat

What is AI Literacy?

AI Literacy refers to the competencies we will all need as a foundation in a world that is enhanced with AI technologies.

There is not a single framework of AI Literacy but the capabilities most relevant to your learning include the ability to:

  • recognise AI and when you are interacting with it in existing and new platforms
  • develop a basic knowledge of how different types of AI work and the human role in AI
  • critically analyse what AI can do and distinguish between types of AI
  • develop an awareness of what AI might be able to do in the future
  • identify the strengths, weaknesses and limitations of AI
  • develop a critical awareness of how computers learn from data and the impact this has
  • describe the key ethical issues surrounding AI and its use in education including for academic integrity
  • critically evaluate information generated by AI and make informed decisions about its use in your work
  • communicate successfully with AI including creating effective prompts.

Understanding Artificial Intelligence

Explore resources to help you maintain good academic practice while using AI tools in your learning journey. 

Using AI and critically evaluating AI tools and outputs

Explore tools and guidance for using and evaluating AI as an information source in your academic work.