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Enhance your presentation skills to communicate your ideas clearly through an impactful presentation.

Presentations are a common form of assessment at University, as an individual or group activity, and can be challenging as they require a combination of different skills. Amongst other skills you may need to draw on the ability to:

  • speak confidently in front of an audience
  • plan and organise how you will communicate complex ideas
  • be creative to present your ideas visually or concisely in text form
  • use some technical know-how to create presentation aids such as slides or poster.

However, developing your presentation skills is not only important for achieving success in your assessments but also as you begin to think about your hopes beyond university. Presentations are a common part of the recruitment process, and you may be asked to deliver a presentation as part of the interview process. Practising and honing your skills at university will provide you with the opportunity to develop effective communication skills. Planning and structuring the content of your presentation will enhance your critical ability as you select what to include and how, as well as your ability to be creative.

10 Top Tips for Academic Presentations

Enhancing your presentation skills

There are lots of useful strategies that you can employ to increase your confidence when giving a presentation. Utilising these strategies can help reduce the anxiety you may feel about delivering a presentation at any level and to different audiences. You can learn more about overcoming these challenges in our Your Skills session focusing on presentations. Visit the booking calendar and sign up to calendar notifications so that you can registrater when booking opens. 

Recommended books and e-books

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