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Information and Digital Skills

Build the skills you need to find and engage critically, creatively and collaboratively with digital information.

Information literacy and digital capability are essential in our increasingly digital society. In this section we'll help you strengthen these skills so you can find and engage critically with information for your assignments and research.

Digital Skills

Digital capabilities are the skills, knowledge and understanding which help us to live, learn and work in a digital society. There’s a lot more to this than being confident in the use of certain software or a familiar device. Technology is taking a much bigger role in both our personal and professional lives and having strong digital capabilities will help you as a student and in your future career. 

Build your digital capability

Information Skills

The ability to think critically and make balanced judgments about any information you find and use are essential skills for your studies, in the workplace, and in everyday life. As a student you will need to find authoritative and reliable information sources effectively, approach your sources critically, and manage information to keep track of your reading and demonstrate good academic practice.