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Before the 24 Hour Take Home Exam

Normally in this section we'd be recommending that you check the location and time of the exam, but there will be different things to consider in the current circumstances of remote assessment. You will be given information by your school and module leaders about the exam, its format and how it will be marked. Check this to make sure you know the answers to the following questions, or ask your module leader if it's not covered.

Find out about the exam

  • Is the exam paper the one originally set or have they had to adapt it?
  • How long are you expected to spend on the exam during the 24 hour period?
  • How many questions are there?
  • Do you have a choice or do you need to do all of them?
  • What format of questions are they? (Essays, short answer, multiple choice etc.)
  • What is the word count that has been set?
  • What are the expectations around presentation and referencing?
  • Are there any other differences in how it will be marked e.g.  more detail and depth, wider reading?
  • How are you expected to submit it (i.e. as one word document?) and through what platform (i.e. Turnitin)? Will you be working offline?

Check your technology

  • Do you anticipate any issues with your technology e.g. slow laptop, limited access to a computer, patchy internet?
  • Do you have the software you need?
  • Who can you contact if there is a problem with the technology?