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Writing Coursework under Time Constraints

Whether you’ve got a time-limited assignment or are just pushed for time with other deadlines to juggle, our guide to an effective writing process will help you get up to speed fast.

One of the adjustments that has been made during the period of remote study is that some face to face exams have been replaced by coursework. You would usually have more time to complete a piece of coursework, and may have well-developed strategies for essays, reports etc. for which you have weeks or even months to prepare.

Writing coursework under a time constraint of one or two weeks might seem daunting, especially if you have other study priorities such as exams. It might help to bear in mind two things:

  • Your lecturers know that you won’t be able to do extensive research or spend ages refining your assignment under these circumstances, and will mark this work on the assumption that you are spending no more time on this coursework than you would have on the exam it replaced, with possibly limited access to resources.
  • Writing an assignment in one or two weeks rather than one or two months is in many ways the same process as you’re used to. However, your academic skills will need to be efficient in order to work through the process in a shorter time. This guide aims to help you sharpen up and focus your writing process so you can still demonstrate how much you’ve learned.