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Newcastle and the North East

Newcastle is world famous for its warm, welcoming, and fun-loving attitude. It's a great place to be a student, ranked among the best in the UK for student experience.

Student City

Newcastle boasts a welcoming atmosphere, with a large student population contributing to its vibrant and inclusive community. Whether you're from the UK or abroad, you'll find a home away from home in this diverse and student-friendly city.

Affordable Living

Despite its growing reputation, Newcastle remains one of the most affordable cities in the UK for students. With reasonable accommodation costs, affordable dining options, and student discounts available at many establishments, students can enjoy all that the city has to offer.


Rich History, Vibrant Present

With a heritage spanning nearly 2,000 years, Newcastle is a city steeped in history and culture. From its iconic Georgian-style architecture to its renowned bridges, each corner of Newcastle tells a story of its past while embracing the dynamism of its present.


Getting around Newcastle is effortless thanks to the efficient Tyneside Metro system and excellent transportation links. Whether you're traveling by bike, train, air, or coach, Newcastle's connectivity ensures efficient journeys both nationally and internationally.

Live Music and Arts Scene

Immerse yourself in Newcastle's vibrant arts and music scene, with live performances, art exhibitions, and cultural events happening year-round. From intimate gigs at local venues to world-class performances at renowned theatres and concert halls, students can indulge their creative side and discover new forms of expression in this dynamic city. Plus, explore the city's diverse culinary landscape, offering everything from traditional British fare to international delights.

The Great Outdoors

Take a break from your studies and get outside. From scenic parks and green spaces to coastal walks and hiking trails, there are plenty of opportunities to stay active and enjoy nature's beauty right on your doorstep.

Explore the Surrounding Area

Beyond the city limits, Newcastle is surrounded by breathtaking countryside, dotted with ancient castles and serene villages waiting to be explored. Journey to Northumberland National Park, traverse the historic Pennine Way, or marvel at the Roman ruins along Hadrian's Wall. Discover Holy Island or soak in the vistas from Bamburgh Castle, recently voted the second-best view in Britain.

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