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Student Research in Sport and Exercise Science

Find out more about the research undertaken by Sports and Exercise students.

Student Research Interns

Student research interns in Sports and Exercise Science have supported our academics on the following projects:

  • Emily Wood (UG) - Supervised by Dr Iain Spears, funded by InnovateUK

"Developing and evaluating smart leggings for promoting vigorous exercise in older adults."

  • Leksi Wota (UG) - Supervised by Dr Iain Spears, funded by Bergaus Ltd

"Researching literature for next generation female back packs."

  • Rhys Muir and Macey Mulgrave (UG) - Supervised by Annette Pantall, PHSI

"Developing algorithms for high-definition signal-processing of multichannel EMG."

  • Lucy Humphries (UG) - Supervised by Dr Iain Spears and Dr Daniel Eaves, funded by Hardyards Ltd

"Biomechanical testing of new grip socks."

  • Rosie Rostron (UG) - Supervised by Dr Iain Spears, funded by Bergaus Ltd

"Evaluating physiological effects of new designs of female leggings."

Matthew Barrett (PG) (pictured) - Supervised by Dr Wouter Peeters

This study is ongoing.

Dr Peeters: “To translate findings from an experiment into the real world, experiments need to be accurate, reliable and reproducible. Matt is currently testing the reliability and reproducibility of a cycling exercise protocol which simulates the demands of a cycling road race in highly trained endurance athletes using a commercially available software. As part of his internship he is gaining hands-on experience in exercise physiology and implementing the most recent nutritional interventions to optimise endurance performance.”