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Kinewell Energy

Kinewell Energy offers innovative, cost-optimisation solutions for offshore wind to support the global transition to net-zero.

Cost Optimisation for the Offshore Wind Industry

Dr Andrew Jenkins founded Kinewell Energy in 2015 to develop commercial offshore wind technologies.

Kinewell Energy aims to innovate at scale, speed up, and reduce the cost of transitioning to net zero. The company continues to add scalable value and impact social and environmental challenges. Supported by Newcastle University’s START UP team, they are now a world leader in Offshore Wind solutions.

Kinewell Layout Optimisation of Cable (KLOC) optimises the economy of inter-array cable layouts. By using its optimisation algorithm, KLOC prioritises capital costs against operational costs. This saves 20% of the cable system over the project's lifetime.

The company’s growth is down to its strategic business model. By focusing on licensing its technology, its innovations have a scalable impact. This allows their team time and space to continue innovating new technologies.

Supporting North-East-Based Innovation

The company has secured several innovation awards and grants to continue its research and development. This includes developing new-to-market technologies and bespoke solutions using advanced mathematical and artificial intelligence.

Over the past year, Kinewell Energy has created five new jobs in the North East, taking their full-time team to 10. They are expected to create up to 70 jobs in the next three years.

The Kinewell Team standing in front of a wind turbine

Securing the Future of STEM in the Region

Andrew and his team have collaborated with several North East universities and thousands of school students. Their outreach work includes:

  • helping the career development of university students including MBA projects
  • supporting the STEMfest initiative attended by 3,000 school pupils
  • providing nine paid student internship opportunities over the last four years

In January 2023, Kinewell Energy was named as one of the five most promising north east firms poised for success that year. Since then, they have launched the Kinewell Designing Offshore Transmission Systems – a software solution that helps identify the most cost-effective ways of transmitting energy from offshore wind farms to shore. They have also been named ‘Energy Innovation of the Year’ at the North East Innovation Awards 2023