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Unmixed reaction technology for hydrogen production

A new method for cheap and efficient hydrogen production.

Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) is a complex process to produce H2. It needs a large equipment footprint to accommodate the many stages.

Unmet Need

The unmet need is a method that:

  • reduces the number of stages
  • reduces equipment footprint
  • reduces cost of production

Currently the process has six stages:

  1. Steam Methane Reforming
  2. High-temperature Water Gas Shift
  3. Low-temperature Water Gas Shift
  4. Condensate removal
  5. Pressure Swing Adsorption (CO2 Removal)
  6. Methanation

The Technology

We have developed an unmixed reaction technology that uses one reactor unit. This removes the need for separate equipment for stages 2 - 6 of the SMR process.

The technology uses chemical looping. This overcomes equilibrium limitations in the water gas shift (WGS) reaction.


  • Hydrogen production
  • the process also has more general utility in atom transfer reactions


  • significant plant footprint reduction
  • significant CAPEX reduction
  • high syngas conversion (>90%) to H2 and CO2
  • pure H2 and CO2 product streams
  • scalable process
  • current research programs to incorporate methane reforming


Tim Blackburn: