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Farm Zero

We want to test and develop new agri-tech that will pioneer change.


Agriculture faces unprecedented challenges. We face the trilemma of producing more food, at a reduced environmental cost with an unstable global supply and demand network.

It’s our ambition to work with business and policymakers to tackle the challenges faced in agriculture. We're looking for investment to test and develop new agri-tech that will pioneer change in the sector. You can help us to create:

  • Northern Arable Centre
  • Northern Grazing Hub
  • Regenerative Agriculture Hub
  • New, high tech dairy facilities


A close up of hands inspecting wheat.


We have two farms as part of our University estate. They offer more than 800 hectares of farmland, specialist units and laboratories.

The farms are run commercially and used for research and teaching.

Help us to research ways of minimising the impact of farming on climate, biodiversity and the environment through:

  • renewable energy
  • electrification of farm machinery
  • delivering precision farming
  • novel soil management techniques
  • integrated pest management

Links to grand challenges

We will work to address economic, social and environmental of agriculture through:

  • reducing chemical inputs in farming
  • precision farming and data security
  • healthy livestock
  • soil management
  • integrated pest management
  • energy production and use
  • skills and training

Who else is involved?

  • Fera science
  • Institute for Agri Food Research and Innovation
  • UK Agri-Tech Centres of Agricultural Innovation
    • CHAP - Crop Health and Protection
    • CIEL - Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock
  • CEIA - Centre for Effective Innovation in Agriculture
  • UK Agricultural Universities Council
  • LEAF - Linking Environment and Farming
    • Innovation Centre status held

The facts

Promoter: Newcastle University

Scale: £30M+ GDV

Sector: academic, agricultural, environmental, laboratory, data, digital, transport

Location: Northumberland

Investment type: R&D, infrastructure, commercial

Programme: 2023-2028

The University

Rural Enterprise and Economy

We can also help you to explore and make an impact beyond agriculture.

The National Innovation Centre for Rural Enterprise collaborates, researches and co-designs ideas and solutions to unlock the potential of rural economies.

You could explore opportunities including levelling up, natural capital, net zero, and rural business growth.