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Meet our Equality Diversity and Inclusion Director...

Dr Hawa Fathi talks about her role as EDI Director within the Dental School, the impact of EDI and how to get more involved.

21 February 2024

Dr Hawa Fathi talks about her role…

My role involves overseeing and implementing strategies to promote equality and diversity within the school.  This includes developing and implementing initiatives that support and foster an environment where diversity is celebrated. This environment allows everyone to feel valued and included.  Any issues related to discrimination or inequality within our community are addressed.  

Being an EDI Lead is a good opportunity to advocate for people to make a positive change.


How did you become involved?

To be honest, I didn't know much about the Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion role beforehand.  I took time to reflect on the role and how much of a challenge it would be.  I believed it would be a good opportunity and enjoyable.  I wanted to be involved in deriving and planning strategies and enjoyed the discussion. This work can't be done without cooperation with other members of the community.  I enjoy the planning and work we do together to address any challenges that we could face. Also, to support all members to promote and maintain a diverse environment within our school and wider community. EDI allows people to have respect for their peers, regardless of their backgrounds and characteristics.

When I saw the great positive changes that were being done, I became passionate about EDI and I want to continue the amazing work.


How does this impact students?

In higher education EDI is crucial for creating a supportive and inclusive environment for students. It helps students feel valued and respected. It is essential in supporting all learners, regardless of their religion, cultural backgrounds, identity, circumstances, or social environments. This can lead to improved student wellbeing, increased academic achievement, and a stronger sense of community.  EDI plays an important role in creating a positive and enriching educational experience for all students.

Initiatives can help challenge stereotypes, encourage cultural awareness, and promote a more tolerant and understanding school environment.


How can students get more involved?

There are several ways for students to get more involved in EDI.  For example, participating in student-led organisations, joining committees, and attending events and workshops.  Additionally, students can educate themselves on EDI issues and have conversations. As well as support initiatives that promote equality, diversity and inclusivity.  They can also advocate for inclusive practices within their institution and wider campus.  Students can also provide feedback to the institution on how to improve diversity and inclusion efforts.

By participating in EDI efforts, students can help to create a more inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone.

What are the rewards of being the EDI Director within the Dental School?

I've benefited in many ways, such as developing my personal skills, and professional growth. It is an opportunity to advocate for marginalised groups and contribute to creating a more equal workplace. As well as contributing to the overall success of the University.

EDI is about creating a working environment that has multiple cultures. Where every individual can feel safe and have a sense of belonging and is empowered to achieve their full potential.