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Fees and Funding

Fees and Funding

Explore funding opportunities and gain access to support available to help guide you through postgraduate fee options.

About fees and funding

We know that how you fund your postgraduate studies is very important. You can access our major schemes by subject area.

Find funding opportunities

You'll find funding opportunities that are available within your chosen course. You'll first need to search for a course and check out the Fees and Funding section to see what opportunities are available. 

Browse funding

Funding opportunities are promoted throughout the year, mostly between October and April.

The following funding opportunities are available to a wide range of students:

Our graduates/current students benefit from a 20% Alumni Tuition fee discount.

Alternatively, you can browse what funding opportunities are available across all of our courses.

Help and support

Our Student Wellbeing Service has Financial Advisors who can support you with help and advice if you find yourself in need of financial assistance whilst studying at Newcastle.