School of Dental Sciences

Staff Profile

Paula Grainger

Associate Lecturer



Diploma in Dental Hygiene (Newcastle 1999)



Winner of a Colgate-Palmolive DCP research national award 2006.

Fellow of The Higher Education Academy                               2017.


Teaching Roles and Responsibilities

BSc Oral and Dental Health Sciences

Clinical teaching of Stage 3 students on the Inter-Professional Clinic

Clinical teaching of Stage 2 students on the Periodontology Clinic 

Personal tutor for undergraduates

Key Clinical Skills teaching for Stage 1 ODHS

Delivery of lectures and seminars to students


Bachelor of Dental Surgery


Clinical teaching of Stage 4 students on Inter-Professional Clinic

Key Clinical Skills teaching for Stage 2 students


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  • Preshaw PM, Sellers P, Stacey F, Heasman PA. Alveolar bone loss during supportive periodontal therapy. In: IADR General Session. 2004, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.
  • Heasman PA, Stacey F, Heasman L, Sellers P, Macgregor IDM, Kelly PJ. Relative efficacy of electric and manual toothbrushes. In: JOURNAL OF DENTAL RESEARCH. 1998.