The School of Geography, Politics and Sociology

About the School

About the School

We are a leading centre for academic research and teaching in geography, politics and sociology.

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The School of Geography, Politics and Sociology (GPS) was formed in 2003. It combined three separate departments, each of which have a long history of teaching and research. Geography has been taught at Newcastle University since 1927, Politics for more than 50 years and Sociology for almost 40 years.

Teaching and research

Teaching programmes encompass single and joint honours undergraduate degree programmes. There is a suite of taught Masters' programmes and postgraduate research programmes.

The School’s research is world-renowned and internationally-oriented. It builds on the strengths of its three disciplines of geography, political science and sociology. Research is inter-disciplinary and engages with public policy concerns and debates.

Research centres

Two leading research centres are owned by the School of Geography, Politics and Sociology.

These are the Policy Ethics And Life Sciences Research Institute (PEALS) and the Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies (CURDS).


Head of School Professor William Maloney is a political scientist.

Each of the subject areas has a Deputy Head of School. These are:

The School has Directors for each of its three main activities:

The School’s main teaching and research missions are supported by a dedicated team of support staff, led by School Manager Nicola Kelly.


The hub of the School is found on the 5th floor of Claremont Tower, where the school’s office and the offices of the Head of School, School Manager and other administrative staff are located.

Geography is based in the adjoining Daysh Building (named after the University’s first Professor of Geography, Sir Henry Daysh). Sociology is in the adjoining 5th floor of the Claremont Bridge Building. Politics has its own building next to the Robinson Library.