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Politics Undergraduate Degrees

Bring political issues to life and discover all aspects of politics as a discipline.

Tailor your degree to your interests

Study a combination of modules tailored to your interests. Explore topics such as:

  • global politics
  • political philosophy
  • international relations
  • political systems and institutions

Research-led teaching

Our politics degree programmes are informed by the latest research. They are thought-provoking and intellectually gratifying. Our expertise covers diverse aspects of politics and international relations, so you can study a range of topics taught by recognised experts in their field.

Vibrant and diverse community

Politics at Newcastle is a vibrant and diverse community of scholars and students. Join us and you’ll be studying one of the most exciting, diverse and dynamic academic disciplines.

We have a community of students that are diverse in background and opinions. In your first year, you’ll be assigned a student peer-mentor who will provide an additional source of advice.

You can also choose to take part in activities outside the formal academic programme, including many organised by the student-run Politics Society.