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Geography Research Students

Learn about some of the research undertaken by our current postgraduate human and physical geography students.

Human Geography research students

Yuhong Lei

Yuhong's PhD project title is 'Robotisation as path creation: the evolution of domestic appliance industry in China.' Read more about Yuhong's research.

Chloë Barker

Chloë's PhD project title is 'Operational geographies of deterrence: Furthering the use and boundaries of creative methods in investigating embodied experiences and tacit knowledges of nuclear early warning technologies'. Read more about Chloë's research.

Emma Bloodgood

Emma's PhD project title is‘We will work until there is war’: Women’s work in the memory-spaces of Bosnia and Herzegovina' Read more about Emma's research.

Jennifer Boddy

Jennifer's PhD project title is Rural pubs, provenance, and ‘polycrisis’: A multi-level governance perspective on the adaptive resilience of ‘the local’. Read more about Jennifer's research.

Si Long Chan

Si Long's PhD project title is 'Contested spaces of homelessness and being houseless: creative arts in activism'. Read more about Si Long's research.

Fatih Cure

Fatih's PhD project title is 'Economic and Political Transition and Rising Populist Movements in Left- Behind Places in Germany and the UK'. Read more about Fatih's research.

Emily Faux

Emily's PhD project title is 'Do Nukes go POP? Popular Imagination and Nuclear War'. Read more about Emily's research.

Laura Ginn

Laura's PhD project title is 'Sustainable Energy Transitions and Regional Growth Paths in the North Sea Basin: A Comparative analysis of North East Scotland and Western Denmark.' Read more about Laura's research.

Luke Green

Luke's PhD project title is 'The financialising univer[city]? A study of university real estate investment in Edinburgh and Manchester, UK'. Read more about Luke's research.

Daniel Jones

Daniel's PhD project title is 'Geographies of Impulse: Tourette Syndrome and the Embodied Experience of Public Space(s)'. Read more about Daniel's research.

Ria G Jones

Ria's PhD project title is 'The Relationship Between Latvian and German Secular Iconoclasm (1900- Present)...' Read more about Ria's research.

Jessie Kelly

Jessie's PhD project title is 'A Lonely Generation? Exploring the Geographies of Loneliness in Millennials in County Durham'. Read more about Jessie's research.

Anna Yates

Anna's PhD project title is 'Fear, urban design and neighbourhood segregation in Stockholm, Sweden'. Read more about Anna's research.

Minjing Li

Minjing's PhD project title is 'State's roles in the creative and media sector through global production networks - Tencent, Alibaba, and the Chinese state'. Read more about Minjing's research.

Sophie Lively

Sophie's PhD project title is 'Narrating Masculinities: Racism, Nationalism and Belonging amongst Working Class Men in Tyneside.' Read more about Sophie's research.

Melisa Maida

Melisa's PhD project title is 'Negotiating Belonging: The transnational/local experiences of refugee and asylum-seeking families in Tyneside'. Read more about Melisa's research.

Ichamati Mousamputri

Ichamati's PhD project title is 'Hindutva comes to campus: Nationalism, militarism, and violence in Indian universities' Read more about Ichamati's research.

Carl Olsson

Carl's PhD project title is 'Can you think about yourself as a rock?'. Read more about Carl's research.

Lottie Rhodes

Lottie's PhD project title is 'Menstrual Justice: Listening to and Understanding Women’s Experiences of ‘Period Poverty’ and Menstrual Inequality in Newcastle Upon Tyne'. Read more about Lottie's research.

Matthew Richardson

Matthew's project title is 'Ritual and resistance: performing queer Jewish identities in postsecular Britain'. Read more about Matthew's research

Tom Shrimplin

Tom's PhD project title is “Good game”? Young people, violence and geopolitics in the ludic assemblages of Call of Duty: Warzone' Read more about Tom's research.

Nick Sundin

Nick's PhD project title is 'The Rise and Fall of a Contested Strategic Narrative: The Belt and Road Initiative, Geostrategic Elites, and the US-China Relationship'. Read more about Nick's research.

Jungsuk Woo

Jungsuk's PhD project title is 'Transition to the Post-Developmental State in Variegated Capitalism'. Read more about Jungsuk's research.

Helen Woolley

Helen's PhD project title is 'Securing a Sense of Safety for Adopted Children in Middle Childhood'. Read more about Helen's research.

Zena Agha

Zena's PhD project title is 'Colonial Cartography in Palestine-Israel and the Decolonising Potential of Counter-Maps'. Read more about Zena's research.

Physical Geography research students

Holly Chubb

Holly's PhD project title is 'The implications of glacier recession for mass movement processes and hazards.'. Read more about Holly's research.

Sophie Harris

Sophie's PhD project aims to combine sedimentary DNA and stable isotopes with palaeo methods to understand how the biodiversity of ponds has changed over the past two hundred years. Read more about Sophie's research.

Alex Hyde

Alex's project aims to understand how glacial lakes in the Himalayas are driving non-heterogeneous glacier retreat. Read more about Alex's research.

Ethan Lee

Ethan's PhD project title is 'Glacial history of the Tropical Andes'. Read more about Ethan's research.

Sonam Rinzin

Sonam's PhD project title is 'Investigate coupling GLOF hazard maps with an agent-based risk / behaviour model' Read more about Sonam's research.

Hannah Runeckles

Hannah's PhD project title is ‘'Investigating the morphological footprints of anthropogenic activities upon the Red River Delta, Vietnam, and its communities.' Read more about Hannah's research.

Becky Sanderson

Becky's PhD project title is 'Antarctic radar-derived englacial stratigraphy and structure: glaciological and palaeoclimate implications.' Read more about Becky's research.

Gunjan Silwal

Gunjan's PhD project title is 'Quantifying the controls on, influences and glaciological impacts of glacier disconnections on ice masses in the Himalaya' Read more about Gunjan's research.

Will Smith

Will's PhD project title is 'Landslides onto glaciers: detection, magnitude-frequencies, and delivery of limiting nutrients in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska'. Read more about Will's research.

Caroline Taylor

Caroline's PhD project title is 'Global Risk of Glacial Lake Outburst Floods: Hazard, exposure, and vulnerability.' Read more about Caroline's research.

Bridget Tiller

Bridget's PhD project title is 'Early to Mid Quaternary ice sheet and climate change on the Northeast Atlantic Margin' Read more about Bridget's research.