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Sociology Research Students

Discover some of the research undertaken by our current postgraduate sociology students.

Sociology research students

Suzanne Butler

Suzanne's PhD project title is 'Women’s ‘Stories’: The emotional consequences of poverty or hardship and the shaping of women’s lives.' Read more about Suzanne's research.

Kelvin Chu

Kelvin's PhD project title is 'Police Encounters: Perception and experience from People with Mental Illness' Read more about Kelvin's research.

Florence Darling

Florence's PhD project title is 'The social and cultural meaning of participatory arts for young people' Read more about Florence's research.

Rebecca Donaldson

Rebecca's PhD project title is 'Growing Together: A Feminist Ethnography of Community Food Activism in North-East England.' Read more about Rebecca's research.

Brightman Makoni

Brightman's PhD project title is 'The production and policing of new categories of migrants: Zimbabwean migrant families and the UK Health and Care Worker Visa Scheme' Read more about Brightman's research.

Heather Mew

Heather's PhD project title is 'Resistance, Protest, and Austerity: How do Working Class People ‘Fight Back’, and Against What?' Read more about Heather's research.

Gemma Molyneux

Gemma's PhD project title is 'Investigating how pupils’ everyday lives form their perspective on STEM.' Read more about Gemma's research.

Pilar Morena d'Alò

Pilar's PhD project title is 'Colonial Legacies of Knowledge Production: The Green Tide Political Spirituality.' Read more about Pilar's research.

Erin-Beth Nugent

Erin-Beth's PhD project title is 'Making Professionals; Training regimes, everyday practices, and the experiences and perspectives of boys and their families in professional football academies.' Read more about Erin-Beth's research.

Natalie Partridge

Natalie's PhD project title is 'Governing synthetic biology: A food policy approach' Read more about Natalie's research.

Katrina Rose

Katrina's PhD project title is 'Exploring parenthood imaginaries with people with learning disabilities, family and care workers.' Read more about Katrina's research.