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Callum Stridgeon

Callum graduated from our BA Geography degree. He now works as a Digital Experience Manager as part of the NatWest Graduate Scheme. Find out more about Callum's career.

About Callum

Current role: Digital Experience Manager rotation of the NatWest Graduate Scheme

Current location: UK

Degree studied: BA Geography

About Callum's career

Describe your current role

I am currently in my final rotation of the NatWest Graduate Scheme, working as a Digital Experience Manager to implement new propositions and enhancements to the Spending Feature in our Mobile Banking App.

I work with stakeholders from across the business to manage delivery plans in order to provide the best features and products to our customers.


Explain how you got this job after studying Geography at Newcastle

I took part in the NatWest Group internship between my 2nd and 3rd year at Newcastle. This was an opportunity to fast-track on to the graduate scheme after I graduated.

Whilst in my 2nd year, I was encouraged to explore internships as a great opportunity to understand what options were out there.

This was also a great way to allow me to focus on my dissertation in 3rd year knowing that I had a position secured.

Studying at Newcastle

In what ways was studying Geography at Newcastle important for getting this job?

Studying Geography at Newcastle encouraged me to question and challenge. This has been crucial in my role as it has given me the confidence to recommend alternative ways to do things and challenge others when I feel it is appropriate to do so.

The critical thinking and analytical skills that I developed during my time at Newcastle have also been invaluable when compiling reports, presenting to senior leaders and analysing customer data.


How do you employ skills learnt during your degree, in your current job?

For me, the ‘soft skills’ that I developed during my time at Newcastle are the ones that have been most valuable. Having a baseline level of skills such as the ability to analyse, think critically, build relationships with stakeholders and be adaptable to changing deadlines, help me most in my day job.

Empathy and collaboration also go hand-in-hand. Respecting others’ opinions and viewpoints and being willing to compromise are powerful skills that I try to utilise every day.


What was the best thing about studying Geography at Newcastle?

Studying Geography at Newcastle meant that I was actively encouraged to question and challenge ideas, opinions and processes. I was given space to present my own ideas whilst recognising, acknowledging, and actively engaging with those of others.

The community-led, immersive opportunities that were also provided within Geography allowed me to see theory born out in practice, something that I think makes Newcastle stand out from other universities.