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Lauren Little

Lauren graduated from our BA Hons Geography degree and now works as a Stakeholder Advisor for the Humber region for Orsted. Find out more about Lauren's career.

About Lauren

Current job: Stakeholder Advisor for the Humber region for Orsted

Current location: Grimsby, UK

Degree studied: BA Geography

About Lauren's career

Describe your current role

I am a Stakeholder Advisor for the Humber region for Orsted, based out of the largest offshore wind operations and maintenance facility in the world, the East Coast Hub, in Grimsby. Orsted are a renewable energy company that takes real action against climate change and are the global leader in offshore wind.

Day to day, I speak with businesses and local government about the opportunities the offshore wind industry and inspire young people into the great careers in the sector.

Explain how you got this job after studying Geography at Newcastle

I took a Human Geography route and was passionate about Economic Geography. In a lecture one day we learnt about how offshore wind was transforming coastal communities in the North East and I could see this happening in my hometown of Grimsby. I knew from this moment that I wanted to pursue this line of work as a career - it allowed me to make a difference to my hometown.

I chose to write my dissertation on offshore wind and how it is transforming Grimsby - this was back in 2014 and it is very different now with even more growth!

Studying at Newcastle

In what ways was studying Geography at Newcastle important for getting this job?

Studying Geography at Newcastle allowed me to find my passion. With inspiring lectures and invaluable support from lecturers through my dissertation process I wouldn’t be where I am today.

The academic side equipped me with not only knowledge and understanding of the sector and the UK policy context but also equipped me with analytical and written communication skills I use every day in my role.

How do you employ skills learnt during your degree, in your current job?

Choosing a dissertation topic on an industry I wanted to pursue a career in allowed me to stand out in job interviews, make connections and further my knowledge.

What was the best thing about studying Geography at Newcastle?

The variety of modules, from learning about the Olympics, to McDonaldisation, to geographies of family and of course Offshore Wind. Geography is the subject which broadens your mind and knowledge of the world we live in.