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Becky Sanderson

Becky's PhD project title is 'Antarctic radar-derived englacial stratigraphy and structure: glaciological and palaeoclimate implications.' Read more about Becky's research.

Project title

Antarctic radar-derived englacial stratigraphy and structure: glaciological and palaeoclimate implications.


Research cluster

About Caroline

Project description

Due to the global implications of Antarctic ice loss, it is critical to constrain ice-sheet models (ISM) and consequently, projections of resultant sea-level rise.

Ice sheet englacial layers, identifiable in radio-echo sounding (RES) data, serve as an invaluable record of ice sheet history, glacier dynamics and past climate variability.

The shape, form, presence, and even absence, of radar-imaged englacial features enable reconstructions of past disruptions in flow regime and accumulation rates and allows us to incorporate age tracers into ice-sheet models.

My PhD project has centred on mapping, dating and interpreting englacial layers across central East Antarctica using previously acquired British Antarctic Survey PASIN RES data.

I've produced a comprehensive analysis of the englacial architecture of the Lambert Glacier catchment.

The project has involved analysing the englacial stratigraphy between Lambert Glacier and South Pole, identifying three important internal reflection horizons (IRH) dated to 40ka, 90ka and 162ka from intersecting surveys and the South Pole ice core.

The three IRH are widespread across central East Antarctica and provide insights into past ice dynamics and the influence of bed conditions on the englacial stratigraphy.

Additionally, they provide a foundational framework for establishing a dated Antarctic-wide stratigraphy.

My project is funded by the Natural Environmental Research Council (NERC) through the OnePlanet Doctoral Training Program.

Personal interests

  • Running
  • walking
  • cooking


  • Sanderson, R.J., Winter, K., Callard, S.L., Napoleoni, F., Ross, N., Jordan, T.A. and Bingham, R.G., 2023. Englacial Architecture of Lambert Glacier, East Antarctica. The Cryosphere Discussions, pp.1-28
  • Livingstone, S.J., Li, Y., Rutishauser, A., Sanderson, R.J., Winter, K., Mikucki, J.A., Björnsson, H., Bowling, J.S., Chu, W., Dow, C.F. and Fricker, H.A., 2022. Subglacial lakes and their changing role in a warming climate. Nature Reviews Earth & Environment, 3(2), pp.106-124.
  • Sanderson, R. J., Ross, N., Winter, K, Bingham, R. G., Callard, S. L., Jordan. T.A., Young, D.A. Dated radar-stratigraphy between Dome A and South Pole, East Antarctica: old ice potential and ice sheet history. Journal of Glaciology, [in review], 2024.
  • Bingham, R.G, Bodart J, Cavitte, M., Chung, A., Sanderson R.J. , Sutter, J. et al., Antarctic’s internal architecture Progress towards developing a radiostratigraphically-informed age-depth model across the continental ice sheet. [In prep - Anticipated submission: April 2024.]


  • Glacial Environments
  • Global Environmental Change
  • Key Methods for Physical Geographers
  • Landslides from Pole to Pole
  • Polar Environments
  • Introduction to Physical Geography
  • River Catchment Dynamics
  • Environmental Issues

Academic qualifications, memberships and achievements

  • IGS John Glen Prize 2022: Best student poster, Edinburgh 2022.
  • West Antarctic Ice Sheet Workshop best student poster: 2023.
  • Newcastle University’s Robinson Bequest Bursary three years running: £9,000.
  • British Ecological Society Inspiring Ecology Fund to support educational outreach: £881.84 (2022)
  • Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship: for my masters studies: £2,750 (2018)

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