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Dr Andrew Henderson

Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography


Personal Profile

2016-             Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography, Newcastle University

2012-2016      Lecturer in Physical Geography, Newcastle University

2011-2012      C3W Lecturer in Quaternary Environmental Change, Aberystwyth University

2008-2011      SAGES Lecturer in Geosciences, University of Glasgow

2007-2008      Lecturer in Quaternary Environmental Change, Aberystwyth University

2004-2007      Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

2000-2004      Ph.D. Physical Geography, University College London

1998-1999      M.Res. Environmental Sciences, University College London

1995-1998      B.Sc. (Hons) Natural Sciences, Durham University

Roles and responsibilities

Head of Physical Geography (2016-)

Member, NERC Isotope Geoscience Facilities Steering Committee (2014- )

Editorial Board Member, Scientific Reports (2014- )

Member, School of GPS Research Committee (2014 -)

Member, NERC Peer Review College and Panel A (2012- )




I am a Physical Geographer who works at the interface of chemical, ecological and geological sciences, and my research aims to understand the patterns and mechanisms of climate change by using the ‘natural climate experiments of the past’ archived in lake and ocean sediments. In particular, much of my research has focussed on understanding Holocene Asian monsoon variability, (sub) arctic climate evolution and equatorial Pacific climate variability. To decipher past changes in climate I use the stable isotope and geochemical composition of a range of minerals, including carbonates, diatom silica and/or specific molecules (biomarkers). More recently, I have been looking towards ‘deeper time’ to capture the full range of natural climate variability capable in the Earth system, and have started to work on late Cenozoic sequences recovered from the Japan Sea on IODP Expedition 346. 

Research Students

At Newcastle:

Miss Sonja Felder 

Ph.D. Title: Mid-Pleistocene transition in the Asian monsoon

Funded by a NERC IAPETUS Studentship, CASE with BGS


Undergraduate teaching

GEO2037: Ireland Field Trip 

GEO2127: Key methods in Physical Geography

GEO3099: Dissertation (Mentor)

GEO3147: Palaeoclimates (Module Leader)