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Emily Sear

Physical Geography Research Technician


I am an environmental scientist appointed to provide technical and analytical support to palaeoenvironmental research for the UKRI GCRF Living Deltas Research Hub ( 

I will also be supporting research and teaching activities across Physical Geography as part of the wider Professional Services team in the School of Geography, Politics and Sociology. 


My practical experience contributing to research as a technician and technical project officer in UK universities spans the broad discipline of Environmental Science. 


School of Environmental Sciences, UEA (2007-2011) 


While completing a 3 year traineeship in technical skills I was involved in, and provided technical support to, a diverse range of research activities in the Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Conservation (CEEC), the Centre for Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences (COAS), Earth Science & Geophysics as well as external organisations such as the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS). I benefited from working alongside leading researchers in the fields of ecology, soil science, marine and atmospheric chemistry, sedimentology, coastal physical processes, hydrology, stable isotope geochemistry, biogeochemistry and environmental biology. My work ranged from culturing woodlice to preparing arctic seawater for isotope analysis by bacterial denitrification. One of the larger projects I was involved in was a sedimentological survey of the East Anglian coast to map offshore microcurrents, to which I contributed measurements in the field, sediment sampling, sample preparation and particle size analysis. This was a commercial contract funded by EDF Energy in collaboration with CEFAS. I also joined a CEFAS research cruise for a week in the North Sea, where I assisted with the deployment of a CTD rosette and processed sea water samples for various analyses in the on-board lab. 


Department of Geography, University of Cambridge (2011-2012) 


My contributions to research in physical geography were mainly in the preparation and analysis of environmental samples for the Quaternary Palaeoenvironments Group, the Cambridge Coastal Research Unit and visiting archaeologists. 


School of Earth Environment and Ecosystems Sciences, Open University (2012-2018) 


I worked with research staff and post graduate students across the Faculty of STEM, contributing to research in Ecosystems, Palaeoenvironmental Change and Astrobiology as well as commercial research projects. Within the Ecosystems laboratories, I developed methods and protocols for experimental work, and provided analytical services (eg. ion chromatography). One of the largest projects I was involved in, for which I carried out large volumes of soil analyses, was the annual floodplain meadows survey, which contributed to a 20 year dataset for an ecohydrology study.