The School of Geography, Politics and Sociology

Staff Profile

Dr Judy Murray




PhD: Newcastle University

BA (Hons) Politics and Scottish History (1st Class): University of Stirling

Additional Qualifications

Accredited Election Observer, UK Electoral Commission

Associate Practitioner, Higher Education Academy

Associate, Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors


Research Interests

Dr Murray specialises in research concerning elections, election administration, public policy effectiveness and voter behaviour. She focuses particularly on the transnational political behaviour of diasporas, and applications of new technology in election administration and political participation. Her research utilises both qualitative and quantitative approaches with an emphasis on survey construction, administration and quantitative data analysis.


Dr Murray currently assists on the Election Integrity Project lead by Dr Alistair Clark from Newcastle University and Dr Toby James from the University of East Anglia: Election Integrity on the Frontline: Poll Workers and the Electoral Process in Britain


Undergraduate Modules

POL1000 Introduction to Politics and History (Module Leader)

POL1045 Truth, Lies and Politics (Module Leader)

POL1131 Studying Political Economy (Module Leader)

POL2093 Politics, Participation and Citizenship in the Digital Age (Module Leader)

POL3046 Dissertation in Politics


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