The School of Geography, Politics and Sociology

Staff Profile

Dr Kathryn Manzo

Senior Lecturer


Roles and Responsibilities

Senior tutor, Geography (from September 2016)


Research Interests

Kate Manzo is a lecturer in international development. Her research interests are in the politics of development in Africa. She has written about development theory and the political effects of development in practice. She has also examined the political implications of attitudes towards 'national' development in South Africa, Australia and Britain. Her current research focuses on the relationship between football and development in Africa; on the relationship between climate change and development; and on images of Africa in western media.

Postgraduate Supervision


Undergraduate Teaching

GEO1010: Interconnected World
GEO2103: Globalisation, Culture and Development
GEO3106: Producing Africa: Globalisation and Representation (Module leader)

Postgraduate Teaching

GEO8017: Concepts in Action

GEO8016: Philosophies in Geography