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Staff Profile

Dr Mark Casey

Lecturer in Sociology


Roles and Responsibilities

Undergraduate Teaching - I have been involved in the development and delivery of the below modules here at Newcastle:

Understanding Everyday Life (Stage 1)

The Sociology of Tourism (Stage 2)

Regulating Sexuality (Stage 3).

At Teesside University I was the External Examiner for their Sociology degree (2013-2016).  


Research Interests

My current areas of research interest rest within Spain and Mallorca, sexuality studies, 'the city and rural', gender studies, travel and tourism, the package holiday and social class. I also have an emerging interest in the sociology of gardening, in particular the role of 'garden tourism' and gardening in well being.

Current Work

I am currently re-visiting data from my British Academy Small Research grant and examining the place of LGBT individuals and the wider LGBT community in the north east of England during the immediate years following the world recession of 2008. In particular I am interested in the intersection of social class, gender, ‘taste’ and embodied practices with sexuality in discussing the changing face and place of LGBT people in the north east, along with examining the impact of the recession and the UK’s austerity measures upon members of the LGBT community.

My work on Spain and Mallorca is on-going and I have recently been writing around tourism and Brexit.

I would welcome, anyone else who is interested in the areas that I outline above to contact me at:

Postgraduate Supervision

PhD Supervision:

Angela Plessas (ESRC 1 3) ‘Diagnosing Women’s Problems: The impact of diagnostic categories and practitioners’ decision-making processes on women’s experiences of diagnosis and stigma’ co-supervised with Dr Ruth Graham and Dr Gethin Rees in Sociology at Newcastle University (2018-2021)

Nathar Iqbal (ESRC 1 3) 'Drifting away Silently' co-supervised with Prof Peter Hopkins in Geography at Newcastle University (2014-2019).

Carl Thopmson (ESRC 1 3) ‘Me, Myself and Cyber I: Sexuality, Performativity and Place’ co-supervised with Prof Peter Hopkins in Geography at Newcastle University (2013-2017).

Jacqui Close (ESRC 3) 'Ideals and Expectations: Representations, Practices and Governance of Contemporary Motherhood' with Prof Jackie Leach Scully, Newcastle, Sociology and Prof Steph Lawler, York, Sociology (2012-2016)

Ivan Hill (ESRC) 'Masculinity and War: Diaries and Letters of Soldiers Serving in the South African War (1899-1902) with Dr John Vail (2007-2011)

In 2013-14 I worked with a Hailin Zang from Shaghai who secured a 4 month internship to work with me on his MA Research that has focused upon tourism, sexuality and space.

PhD Examination:


External examiner for Eleanor Formby's viva: A Sociological Exploration of Lived Experiences of LGBT People in the UK. Sheffield Hallam University (2018)

External examiner for JG Marx's PhD entitled '(In)visibility and the Exercise of Power: A Genealogy of the Politics of Drag Spectacles in a Small City in South Africa'. Rhodes University, South Africa (2012).  


Internal examiner for Deborah Burn's PhD entitled: The Social World of Allotment Gardens: An Ethnographic Account of Formations of Social Capital', Newcastle University, (2017).

Internal Examiner for Anu Vaittinen's PhD entitled: 'Varieties of Embodied Knowing: An Ethnographic Study of Mixed Martial Arts', Newcastle University (2014).

MLitt Examination

I was the internal examiner for James Cumming's MLitt research paper entitled: 'Homosexual Identity Construction at the Intersection of Regionalism and Sexuality in Hainan Province China' (2014).

I was also the external examiner for the UG thesis of Charlie Emple entitled ‘Gay Liberation at Large’, Bates University, USA (2012).


In 2009-2011 I was the principle investigator on a British Academy Small Research Grant with my colleague Yvette Taylor. The grant allowed us to undertake research that has explored lesbians and gay men's lives and identities in the North East of England and the impacts of urban gentrification upon the place of sexual others within urban and rural landscapes.  

In 2011 I was awarded a small research grant from Newcastle University that continues to allow me to undertake research upon the lives of British 'ex-pats' living in Mallorca and meanings of home and belonging during the current economic crisis. This work is on-going.  


Undergraduate Teaching

I teach the following UG modules.

Stage 3 - Regulating Sexuality (Soc 3045)

Stage 2 - The Sociology of Tourism (Soc 2080)

Stage 1 - Understanding Everyday Life (Soc 1033)

I also teach the MA module SOC8044: Being, Belonging and Identity: