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Dr Nick Randall

Senior Lecturer


Dr Nick Randall is a Senior Lecturer in British Politics in the Department of Geography, Politics & Sociology at Newcastle University.


B.A. Hons Politics and Parliamentary Studies, University of Leeds, Class I
M.A. Politics, University of Essex, Distinction
PhD, University of Manchester

Major Administrative Roles and Responsibilities

2017-2018 Head of Governance and Political Organisations Cluster

2013-2016 Open Day and Visit Day Co-ordinator

2012-2015 Head of Politics

2011- Lay Member, Examination Sub-Committee, MBBS programme

2011-2014 Chair, University VLE Steering Group. Member 2014-17

2011-2014 Member, E-Learning and Student Information Sub-Committee

2012 Member, Task and Finish Group on Systems to Support Learning, Teaching and Student Experience

2010-2012 School of Geography, Politics and Sociology Undergraduate Director

2007-2012 Member, E-Assessment and Feedback Steering Group

2006-2008 School of Geography, Politics and Sociology Undergraduate Director

2005-2010 Member, UTLC Working Group on Assessment

2005-2008 Undergraduate Director, Politics

2002-2005 Politics Open Day and Visit Day Co-ordinator

2002-2005 Politics Masterclasses and Partners Co-ordinator

2002-2005 Admissions Officer (Politics, Politics and Economics, Government and European Union Studies)


Research Interests

The politics of the British Labour and Conservative Parties; political ideologies in the UK; the territorial politics of the UK; the impact of European integration upon UK politics; the role of ideational and discursive factors in politics.

Postgraduate Supervision

I currently co-supervise:

Radzhana Buyantueva, 'Gay Rights Protests in Russia'

Tom Caygill, 'A critical analysis of the extent and effectiveness of post-legislative scrutiny in the UK Parliament' (ESRC funded)

Tristan Martin, 'The British Conservative Party and European Policy since 1997: A Historical Institutionalist Perspective'

Anna Wambach, 'Representing Europe: The Character of EU Coverage in British News Media' 

I have co-supervised five PhD students to completion:

Celine Fitzmaurice, 'Interpreting Europe: Conservative and Labour Beliefs, 1945-75' (Completed 2007, ESRC Funded)

Andrew Clifton, 'Engendering Multi-Level Governance' (Completed 2009, ESRC Funded)

Judy Murray, 'Absent Voting, the Help America to Vote Act of 2002 and the American Overseas Voter: An Analysis of Policy Effectiveness and Political Participation' (Completed 2012)

Melinda Sutton, 'The Parliamentary Labour Party and Northern Ireland, 1969-2007' (Completed 2014, AHRC Funded)

Craig Johnson, 'Co-operation or competition? Incentives and obstacles to co-operation between British centre-left parties in an era of hung parliaments' (Completed 2018, ESRC Funded)


I currently teach on POL1047 Power, Participation and Democracy and POL3111 UK Parliamentary Studies