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Staff Profile

Dr Raksha Pande

Senior Lecturer


Research interests

- Marriage, gender and family studies

- Politics of love and emotions

- Masculinities and gender based violence

- Indian modernity and development

- Feminist epistemology and research methods

- Postcolonial India and the Indian diaspora

Public engagement :

School students interested in the sociology of marriage and migration can access my research at:

'How I arranged my own marriage: A British case study', Sociology Review, 26(1) ,18-20.

My research has featured in a news report about arranged marriages in the Finnish Daily, Lansi-Guomi

I have also collaborated with media and performance artists to translate my research into non-textual formats such as in a project with Grit  Hartung -  Imagining migration and boundaries and Kirsten Luckins - Taking up Space


My research interests are focused on the interface of social, political and development geographies. At a conceptual level, my interest lies in exploring the intersections between postcolonial and feminist approaches within geography. These theoretical concerns are grounded in empirical research in India and the UK. My past research has concentrated on the study of marriage, migration and gender relations with an empirical focus on arranged marriage practices among the British - Asian population in the UK. Current projects include:

Storying sexual relationships: the narratives and practices of British Pakistani Muslims

This Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funded project is aimed at exploring the different ways in which young British-Pakistani women and men understand and explore relationships through the stories they produce and consume.

Young People Nationalism and Postnationalism: Multicultural belonging in hyperdiverse neighbourhoods

This project aims to explore  young people's everyday experiences of nationhood and living with diversity in a post-Brexit UK.This project is funded by a grant from  the Newcastle Research Excellence Academy.

Urban Masculinity and gender based violence in India

This project is concerned with understanding the different codes of masculinity that govern the relationships between young men and women in urban India. It is funded by a research development grant from Durham University.

Love, marriage and belonging among the Indian diaspora

This project is the culmination of my doctoral research which explores the different contours of love,marriage and belonging among the Indian diaspora in Britain with a specific focus on arranged marriages. A monograph from the completed research is forthcoming.

The Analogue University

This project is concerned with examining the changing nature of academia. We are a writing collective interested in conceptualizing 'the data university' where individuals both desire and are controlled through the generation of proliferating data streams. 

I supervise the following doctoral students:

Irene Arputharaj is studying  acid attack survivor-victims in India.

Stefan Rzedzian is exploring the 'rights of nature' in Ecuador.

Alessandro Boussalam is studying the emotional geographies of gay Muslims in Belgium.

Quan Gao is researching the geographies of post-secularism in Shenzhen.



GEO2103 Globalisation, Culture and Development (Convenor)

GEO1010 Interconnected World

GEO2111 Doing Geographical Research: Theory and Practice

GEO3099 Dissertation

GEO3149 Geographies of film


I am the director for PGT studies in geography. I also convene the MA in Human Geography Research.

If you are interested in pursuing masters studies then feel free to email me.