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Dr Rupert Bainbridge

Post-doctoral Research Associate



GEO2227: Physical Geography fieldcourse: New Zealand

GEO3117: Global Water Resources


My principal research interests are in the geomorphological response of landscapes to high magnitude landslide and flood events. This involves monitoring landslide activity, developing magnitude-frequency relationships as well as examining the interaction of hillslopes and fluvial systems. Past work has examined hillslope processes, landslide dam development, sediment release, fluvial entrainment of debris, flume modelling and microscopic sediment analysis (SEM). I am working on projects looking at rock-avalanche occurrence in New Zealand, debris-flow impacts on road infrastructure in Scotland and rockfall activity in the Italian Alps. 

Previous research activity has focused on glacial meltwater systems. I have an interest in ice-dammed lake drainage mechanisms as well as the geomorphological impacts of multiple subsequent glacial outburst floods in fluvial systems. I have also been involved in data collection and analysis which examined high magnitude floods generated by the eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull Volcano in 2010.