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Professor Tracy Shildrick

Professor of Inequalities


I am currently Head of Sociology. 

I joined Newcastle Sociology in 2017, after a period at University of Leeds. Most of my research has a focus on young people, with a particular interest in youth transitions. I am also interested in issues around employment, low pay and welfare reform. I have a specific interest in the North East and much of my research has been conducted in Teesside

I offer supervision for post-graduate research students in the following areas: youth transitions and youth cultures, social class, inequality, employment work and welfare, austerity and austerity politics




(2015)            ‘Sociological theory and poverty’ A review of literature for JRF as part of their    anti-poverty strategy, 10k


(2012-2013)    ‘Poverty Myths’ Shildrick T. (PI) and MacDonald, R. Webb Memorial Trust 15.5k.


(2011 – 2012) ‘Worklessness, Unemployment and Poverty: a review of evidence and practice’ Macdonald, R. and Shildrick, T. Institute of Local Governance and Middlesbrough Council, 17.5k


(2010 – 1011) ‘Intergenerational Cultures of Worklessness: popular myth or miserable reality?’ Joseph Rowntree Foundation £107k,Shildrick, T(PI) MacDonald, R. and Furlong, A.  (1 of only 5 to get funded from over 640 initial applications)


(2008 – 2010) ‘Two steps forward, two back? Understanding recurrent poverty’ Joseph Rowntree Foundation, £105k, Shildrick, T. (PI), MacDonald R. and Webster, C.


(2003 – 2005) ‘Poor Transitions: young adults and social exclusion’ Joseph Rowntree Foundation, £45k, R. MacDonald, T. Shildrick, C. Webster, M. Simpson, A. Abbas, M. Cieslik.


(2003 – 2005) ‘Evaluation of Hartlepool ‘Dordrecht’ Crime Initiative Hartlepool Probation Service, £30k, M. Simpson, T. Shildrick, T. MacDonald.


(2002 – 2003) ‘Evaluation of Community Campus ’87 Careers Club’ Community Campus ’87 Middlesbrough, £1k, T. Shildrick and A. Abbas.


(2001 – 2002) ‘An Evaluation of Hartlepool Youth Services’ Hartlepool Borough Council, £5k, T. Shildrick, R.MacDonald, A. Abbas.



Soc1031 Knowing in Sociology: An introduction to theory, methods and epistemology (Level one)

Soc 3094  Class in Everyday Life

Soc 8034 Social Divisions and Inequality (MA)