The School of Geography, Politics and Sociology

Staff Profile

Emeritus Professor William Outhwaite

Emeritus Professor



BA (Oxford)
MA, DPhil (Sussex)

Previous Positions

Professor of Sociology, University of Sussex, Brighton


British Sociological Association
European Sociological Association
International Sociological Association


French, German


Research Interests

Social theory (esp. critical theory); philosophy of social science; history of social thought; political sociology; contemporary Europe

Current Work

I recently published books on Social Theory (Profile 2015), Europe Since 1989 (Routledge 2016) Contemporary Europe (Routledge 2017) and Transregional Europe (Emerald 2020), an edited book on Brexit (Anthem 2017) and (co-edited with Stephen P Turner) The SAGE Handbook of Political Sociology (2018) and (co-edited with Luca Corchia and .Stefan Muller-Doohm) Habermas Global. Wirkungsgeschichte eines Werks (Suhrkamp 2019)

Future Research

Further work on Europe.

Esteem Indicators

Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences