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News in October 2014

  • Capturing our coast

    Newcastle University has received initial support from the Heritage Lottery Fund for a £1.7m project to help protect our coastline for future generations.

    published on: 30 October 2014

  • Spinning around: Record labels in the spotlight

    The rise and the fall of the record label and its struggle for relevance in the digital age is one of the themes at an international conference at Newcastle University.

    published on: 29 October 2014

  • Genetic link to kidney stones identified

    A new breakthrough could help kidney stone sufferers get an exact diagnosis and specific treatment after genetic links to the condition were identified.

    published on: 29 October 2014

  • Gait and dementia link confirmed

    Researchers at Newcastle University have found a definitive link between gait - the way someone walks - and early changes in cognitive function in people with Parkinson's disease.

    published on: 22 October 2014

  • Diet for your DNA

    Personalised diet plans will not be widely accepted by the public until regulations are in place to protect information about our DNA, new research has shown.

    published on: 21 October 2014

  • Student-run business blooms in France

    While studying International Business and French offers a variety of employment options, launching her start-up abroad is opening an exciting career path for one Newcastle University student.

    published on: 20 October 2014

  • Childhood infection link to hearing loss

    Common childhood infections, such as tonsillitis and ear infections, may lead to hearing loss later in life, according to recent research from Newcastle University.

    published on: 20 October 2014

  • Newcastle University filmmaker nominated for top award

    A documentary about India’s young blind chess players has been shortlisted for a prestigious Grierson award.

    published on: 20 October 2014