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Staff Profile

Professor Stephanie Glendinning

Professor of Civil Engineering and SAgE Faculty Pro Vice Chancellor

Professor Stuart Edwards

Dean & CEO NUIS (Singapore)

Professor John Fitzgerald

Dean of Strategic Projects, Faculty of Science, Agriculture & Engineering

Professor Ian Head

Dean of Research & Innovation

Dr Phillip Lord

Dean (Postgraduate Research)

Dr Sara Marsham

Acting Dean of Education, SAgE Faculty; Reader in Bioscience Education

Professor Boguslaw Obara

Dean of Business, Innovation & Skills

Professor Daniel Coca

Head of School

Professor Graham Morgan

Head of School

Professor Nick Parker

Professor in Applied Mathematics & Theoretical Physics, Head of School

Jill King

Director of Faculty Operations (Science, Agriculture & Engineering Faculty)

Dr Sharron Kuznesof

Senior Lecturer

Paul Young

Head of Faculty Finance

Richard Crulley

Head of Marketing and Communications

Claire Brunton

People Services Business Partner

Laura Johnson

Deputy Director of Faculty Operations

Laura Thomson

Head of Business, Innovation & Skills

Tom Harding

School Manager, Natural and Environmental Sciences

Liz Huston

School Manager

Karen Samples

School Manager

Christine Wright

School Manager

Jo Geary

Chief Operating Officer

Kate McGill

Head of Faculty Research

Peter Bowes

Head of Technical and Safety Services, Faculty of Science, Agriculture and Engineering (SAgE)

Professor Andrew Benniston

Acting Head of School

Professor Yit Arn Teh

Professor of Soil Science

Bill Guthery

Senior Analytical Technician

Dr Alex Charlton

Senior Analytical Technician

Dr Paul Waddell

Crystallography Officer

Dr Mike Probert

Senior Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry, Head of Crystallography

Emeritus Professor Bill Clegg

Senior Research Investigator

Jamie Gould

Dr Corinne Wills

Dr Casey Dixon

Senior Analytical Technician (NMR)

Emeritus Professor William McFarlane

Emeritus Professor

Dr Isabel Arce-Garcia

Electron Microscopy Engineer

Dr Alasdair Charles

Director of SAgE Faculty Foundation Year / Lecturer

Paul Scott

Jake Sheriff

Professor Lidija Siller

Professor of Nanoscale Science

Dr Keith Izod

Reader in Main Group Chemistry

Professor Elizabeth Gibson

Professor of Energy Materials

Abby French

Faculty Learning Partnerships Manager

John Lockey

Student Engagement Facilitator

Katie Wray

Lecturer in Enterprise

Sam Bachkheti

Student Engagement Facilitator

Graeme Watson

Dr Rachel Sparks

Strategic Project Manager

Graham Cole

Lecturer in Enterprise