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Registration is a key activity in your student lifecycle.

You must complete the registration process when you first arrive and re-register annually every September.  New students will find useful information on the University’s registration pages and in the Handbook for Research Students and Research Supervisors.  Much of the registration process can be completed online using the Student Self Service Portal - S3P.  There are, however, some aspects of the registration process which are unique for continuing PGR students and these are addressed in the sections below.


Mid-year starters

The following entry points are available for PGR students in the three Faculties:

September and January entry points

  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Science, Agriculture and Engineering
  • Medical Sciences

April entry point

  • Science, Agriculture and Engineering
  • Medical Sciences

PGR students who commence their studies in January or April are required to re-register each September regardless of their start date.  Do not worry if S3P suggests that you are entering your second year of study even if you are only part way through your first year as the central University database will adjust your record to ensure you are registered for the correct year of study.

Combined candidature students

Unfortunately the S3P system does not recognise combined students and will default to the appropriate full time fee. If you have any queries about your actual fee please contact your Graduate School.

Thesis submission deadline date

S3P reflects the length of one academic year, ie from September 2021 to August 2022. You will be expected to register each September each academic year until the end of your programme. Your actual submission deadline date is held elsewhere on your student record. PGR students can check their deadline date by logging into PGR Code of Practice System which shows start and end dates for PGR students from information on the student record.

'Pending Submission' status

PGR students who have completed their minimum candidature may be eligible for ‘Pending Submission’ with no fees applied.  Eligibility for zero fees is not automatic and must be confirmed by your supervisor(s).  Zero fees are only available to those students who have completed the research element of their programme and who are engaged solely in the writing up of their thesis. Where your Graduate School has been advised of your eligibility for pending submission zero fee, this information will have been passed on to the finance office and there should be no finance hold on your S3P record. If you are unsure please contact your Graduate School.

PGR students still undertaking research during this pending submission year will be required to pay the normal tuition fee for the programme.  Please be aware that pending submission is granted for one year only irrespective of whether fees have been paid or not.

If you believe that you are eligible for pending submission with zero fees, please contact your Graduate School, as appropriate, who will contact your School/Institute to request confirmation of your status.

‘Extended Submission’ status

If you are granted an extension to your thesis submission deadline by the Dean of Postgraduate Studies, and you are engaged solely in the writing up of your thesis, you will be required to pay an ‘extended submission’ fee before you will be allowed to register. The fee for 2023/24 is £2750 pro rata. However, if you are granted an extension and are still undertaking research you will be required to pay the normal fee for the programme.

Students nearing submission

If you are likely to submit your thesis before 30 September then you are not required to register for the following academic year.  Instead, on receipt of your thesis, your Graduate School will register you as ‘Under Examination’.  Students who are classed as under examination are not required to pay fees.  Please ensure, however, that you have logged into S3P and accepted the University’s Terms and Conditions.

If you are likely to submit part way through an academic year, you will still be required to pay the normal tuition fee that is due for programme for the full year.  Following receipt of your submitted thesis, your Graduate School will notify the Tuition Fee Team who will recalculate the fee that is due based on your submission date.  Any overpayment will be refunded to you.

Tuition fee queries

If you believe that the tuition fee displayed on S3P is incorrect you are advised to contact the Tuition Fee Team directly by email on

Tuition fee payments can be made by using the University online payments system


Students holding Tier 4 Visas

New students must confirm their identity and provide their immigration documents as part of the registration process.

Continuing students are no longer required to provide evidence that they still have valid immigration permission to study in the UK unless they have recently renewed their passport or visa or these documents are due to expire soon.