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Terms and Conditions

When accepting an offer from Newcastle University, you agree to follow the University’s Terms and Conditions. As part of the registration process, you’re asked to confirm you’ve accepted the University Terms and Conditions 2022‌. ‌

Student Charter

The Student Charter is a summary of commitments that have been agreed by the University community and signed off by the Vice-Chancellor and the President of the Students’ Union. The ‘Statement of Student Academic Rights and Responsibilities’ is an important appendix to this document which sets out expectations regarding behaviour and conduct. Familiarise yourself with the Student Charter at the start of your degree.

University regulations

The Terms and Conditions require you to ‘abide by, and submit to, the Regulations and Rules of the University’.  The current year’s general regulations and the regulations and exam conventions for individual degree programmes can be found on the University Regulations website.

Programme regulations and specifications

Programme regulations are prepared for each individual degree programme to provide further detail on credit weighting and the compulsory and optional modules available at each stage of the programme.  Programme specifications provide detail of the aims, learning outcomes and teaching and assessment methods used on individual degree programmes.

To find the regulations and specification for your degree programme, please consult the Programme regulations and specifications website.

Student Declaration

As part of the annual registration process you must accept the Student Declaration which references some documents on this webpage. 

Covid Etiquette

During these tough Covid times we want everyone to stay well and we want to thank you for all you are doing to help keep us all safe.

We recognise the challenges associated with some of the different approaches and interventions in place, to ensure that the campus is both a safe and welcoming place to study and work. To support this colleagues in the University and student union sabbatical officers have been working together to draw up some COVID-19 Etiquette Key Messages and associated guidance.

Please make yourself aware of these and help us all to act safely, responsibly and respectfully in university environments, both on campus and online.

COVID-19 Etiquette for Online Learning Events

This guidance lays out the expected behaviours for both students and staff when participating in online learning and teaching sessions:


This information is also available in PDF format: Online Etiquette during Learning Events [294 KB]

Data collection notice – use of student’s personal information

The registration process asks you to confirm you accept the University’s Data collection notice – use of student’s personal information.  The notice gives details of what data may be collected and what it’ll be used for. Please read this statement before you complete your registration. 

Using University IT and library facilities

Students areYou’re expected to comply with the University regulations and agreements when using computing facilities and the libraries.  Please consult the Newcastle University IT Service’s (NUIT) statement on Using University IT Facilities and the Library’s rules and regulations.