Student Progress

Forms and Policies

Forms and Policies for Postgraduate Research Students

We’ve listed the key forms and policies you will need to refer to during your postgraduate research studies. 


PGR Attendance Monitoring  (PDF: 716kb) Revised July 2019


Code of Practice (PDF: 150kb)

Co-Authorship Form (PDF: 30kb)

Confidentiality Agreement  (PDF: 159kb)

Council Tax Exemption Request (For Under Examination students only)

C19 Impact Statement Guidance (PDF 198kb)


Extension to Thesis Submission Deadline

E-Submission - CD Sleeve  (PDF: 82kb)

Examination Entry Form for Research Degrees

External PGR Advisor (Principles)  (PDF: 286kb)


General Concession Application Form‌ (PDF: 404kb)

Guidelines for the Submission and Format of Thesis‌ (PDF: 152kb) Revised August 2019

Guidance for Doctoral and MPhil Students and PGR Supervisors (PDF 189 kb)

Guidance Notes on APR, Extensions and Interruptions (PDF 185kb)


Handbook for Examiners of Research Degrees (PDF 132kb)

Handbook for Research Degree Students (PDF: 7.39mb)

PGR Holiday Policy (PDF: 365kb)

Higher Degrees Procedure (PDF: 120KB)


Intellectual Policy and Confidentiality for Research Students

Interruption of Studies


Learning Agreement

Library Deposit Licence Electronic Theses (PDF: 169kb)


Maternity /Paternity /Adoption Leave Policy (PDF: 306kb)

Application for Outside Study


Policy for Postgraduates who Teach  (PDF 665kb)

Posthumous Degrees for Postgraduate Research Students

Previous Study - Application for Previous Study to be Taken into Account (PDF: 119kb)


Risk Assessment Form (Generic) (PDF: 30kb)

Remote Viva Top Tips for HaSS and SAgE (PDF: 156kb)

Remote Viva Top Tips For FMS (PDF: 555kb)


Sickness and Absence Policy (PDF: 290kb)

Staff Application for Doctoral Study (PDF: 350kb)

Staff: Application for Masters Study (PDF: 53kb)


Transfer from MPhil to IPhD. (PDF:

Transfer from MPhil to PhD (PDF:

Transfer: School and Programme of Studies (PDF: 27kb)

Travel and Outside Study (off-campus and overseas) Guidance for Postgraduate Research students (PDF 189kb) Revised Dec 2020

Turnitin Principles for PGR Student Work (PDF: 111kb)


Withdrawal Notification (Word Document)

Withdrawal Questionnaire (PGR)(Word Document)