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Register as a Student

Whether you’re a new or returning student, you will need to complete student registration at the start of each academic year. This includes if you’re taking a placement or study abroad year as part of your programme.

How to register

Registration enables you to confirm your student and course details and your arrangements for paying your tuition fees. You will also get the option to be included on the Electoral Register, to enable you to register to vote.

For details on how to register as a student, see both Start Your Registration and Complete Your Registration.

You will need to accept our terms and conditions and confirm that your student details are correct on the Student Portal before you can complete your registration.

Please remember to keep your personal details up to date during your studies via the Student Portal, particularly your term time address.

If you are not able to complete your registration via the Student Portal, please contact

Student Loan

If you have applied for a student loan, scanning your smartcard at a designated scanning station confirms your attendance, which then triggers the release of your student loan following the start of term. You will usually receive the money into your bank account within four working days, however, loans will only be released if you have already been fully assessed by the Student Loan Company and received documentation from them confirming this.

If you will be away from the University on a placement or study abroad year as an official part of your degree programme, please ensure you notify the Student Loan Company of this.

If your student loan has not appeared in your bank account after five working days, please contact

International students

If you’re a returning international student, we don’t need to check your immigration documents at the start of the new academic year unless you have recently renewed your passport or visa, or these documents are due to expire soon. If so, we will contact you by email or you will see a message in the Student Portal. If requested to do so, please follow the steps detailed on Student Welcome webpages for Confirming your Identity.

If you have a visa application pending with the Home Office at the time of registration, please ensure that you can provide evidence of this.

The University reserves the right to make enquiries regarding the process of any pending applications with the Home Office, to ensure that they have been made in-time and that they are valid. If it is established that you have overstayed your previous visa, or that your application is likely to fall for refusal, your registration may be at risk.

Your student details

The University needs to keep certain information about its students.

Some of this information is required for statistical purposes and other information is necessary for ensuring your student documents such as transcripts and degree parchments are correct.

This page covers what information is held by us in accordance with the Data Protection Act. As part of the terms and conditions of being a student, you must update your details as soon as they change. You should check every academic year that the details we have for you are correct. You can check and update your details at any time by using the Student Portal.

Disability, ethnicity, marital status

The information will be held and used in accordance with the University’s data collection notice.

The options available for these fields on the Student Portal are determined by a government statistical agency called the Higher Education Statistics Agency.

We encourage you to provide us with all of this information, but if you feel uncomfortable providing any of it you are able to refuse the information. There is an 'information refused' option available in the Student Portal.

Contact details, personal e-mail, mobile number, home address, term address, next of kin etc.

Please provide us with all of this information in full, including post codes. It’s very important that the University has up-to-date and accurate contact details for you. In the event of an emergency, it’s critical that the University can contact you or your family.

You can use the Student Details screen to keep this information up-to-date throughout your study – eg if you move house during the year, you can notify the University of the change by entering it in the Student Portal.

First name(s), last name, date of birth

As this information has to be correct and match your identification documents, you cannot change it online.

If this information is not correct, you can make an amendment to these fields in the Student Portal. The change is recorded but is not reflected in the system straight away. Instead, you will be advised (by a notice on the Status screen and by e-mail) that the changes you have requested have been sent to Student Progress Service for taught students or the graduate school for research students.

Do not use your nickname as your First Name and Last Name. These must match your official name, ie the name in your passport or other government documents, because this will be the name that appears on pass lists, degree parchments and official University documents and you may not be able to change it later.

It’s important that the University is able to confirm who you are. We may need to ask to see your passport or other official documents before we make the changes.

Known as

If you do have a nickname or an English name in addition to your official name, you can use the ‘Known As’ field.

Registering to vote

If you haven't registered to vote in Newcastle before, it’s worth considering as you settle into life at the University.

If you're a British, Irish or qualifying Commonwealth citizen, you are entitled to register to vote in all elections in the UK. Citizens of European Union states may also be entitled to register to vote in local elections depending on their residency status and any negotiated voting agreements between the UK and individual EU Member States.

When you register with the University, you can indicate on the Student Portal whether you want to be included on the Newcastle electoral register, so that you can vote in national and local elections.

If you register to vote while you are a resident in Newcastle, your details will be securely transferred to Newcastle City Council. To confirm your identity and check your eligibility to vote, we will pass to the council the following information about you:

  • name
  • date of birth
  • nationality
  • Newcastle term time address and postcode
  • email address

If the council confirms that you are eligible, they will contact you to invite you to register.

Why should I be on the electoral register?

If you’re not registered, you can't vote. The electoral register is also used in Credit Referencing when buying some items, such as mobile phones, or opening a bank account.

I'm already registered at my home address

That's great, though it is worth checking that you still are. You are entitled to be registered at both your home and University address. If your home and university addresses are in two different local authority areas, you can vote in local elections in both areas.

I'm not interested in voting

Voting is not compulsory so you can choose whether to vote or not. If you do not wish to register to vote, please select ‘no’ in the checkbox on the Student Data 2 screen in the Student Portal.

Further information

Attendance confirmation

All returning students are required to scan their smartcard on campus to confirm their attendance and complete registration.

You can scan your smartcard at any of the following locations*:

  • King’s Gate – Level 2 Student Services
  • Walton Library
  • Medical School Undergraduate Office
  • Hadrian Building – ground floor (12-22 September only)
  • Business School reception (12-22 September only)
  • Robinson Library – Level 2 Cluster (August – September only)
  • Old Library Building Cluster (August – September only)
  • Marjorie Robinson Library Rooms – Level 1 (August September only)
  • Boiler House (12- 22 September only)

*Please note the library entrance gates will not confirm your attendance, this must be done at one of the stations above.