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New students choose their modules during the registration period. Instructions on how to do this will be provided by your academic school.  

Students returning to study in the next academic year should have already selected their modules earlier in the year. This allows time to create individual timetables. Any changes made to your modules after this time are subject to timetable clashes.  

Although we always try to ensure popular optional choice combinations do not clash, new students selecting their modules may need to check the timetable first. 

Module choice

If you’re using S3P for your module choice, you need to confirm your programme of study first. Your module choice is only provisional, it may need approval by your school. 

Most full-time undergraduate students have to choose 120 credits of modules. Most full time postgraduate students choose 180 credits. S3P knows what course you’re studying and whether you’re studying full time or part time. It won’t let you submit your modules unless you have selected the right number of modules. 

If you have compulsory modules these will be shown automatically and you won’t be able to change them. If there is an exceptional reason why you need to change compulsory modules, use the ‘Send Enquiry’ option. This will be sent to your academic school for review who will be in touch with you in due course. 

Optional modules are those listed as part of your programme and from which you will choose most of your modules. If you need to choose optional modules, click on the ‘Optional Modules’ button then use the tick boxes and press ‘Select’. 

If you choose incorrect modules you can delete them using the bin icon on the main module screen. 

Some degree programmes allow you to have a free choice of module. The ‘Free Search’ button allows you to search for all live modules in the University. You will need to be careful when you choose modules from this list, ensuring they relate to your programme of study. 

There is an indicator against module codes if they are a pre-requisite module – i.e. a module that you should already have studied or be studying. It’s your responsibility to check if you have studied pre-requisites for all optional or free choice modules. 

Some optional or free choice modules are capped, meaning only a limited number of students can do these modules. You will only be able to choose a capped module if there are still places on it. You might need to be quick to submit your modules. 

Other students may submit while you’re making your choices, so you could be rejected for a module. If a capped module is already full you won’t be able to choose it, but you can sign up on a waiting list. Information regarding how to sign up for a waiting list will be sent to you after the module choice period has ended. You will receive email confirmation when you’ve signed up for a waiting list. 

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