Student Progress

Producing Your Own Documents

A number of Official University documents can be produced and printed via the student self-service portal (S3P).

Registration Document

You can access this document once you have completed all registration tasks. If you are unable to download the university app to create a digital smart card, you will need to show this registration document on your phone or digital device to receive your smart card.

Certificate of Registration

A Certificate of Registration is a letter confirming you are registered for a specific academic year. Current students may need them to prove their registration status. You can also produce it for previous academic years.

Council Tax Certificate

Most students are entitled to some form of exemption or discount, but this depends on individual circumstances. If you are exempt from paying Council Tax you will need to submit a Council Tax Exemption Certificate providing details about your course.

Once registered for an academic year, if you are studying a full time programme, you should be able to download a copy of your council tax certificate via S3P.

If you have any difficulties doing this, taught students should email and research students should email their graduate school: HaSS and SAgE students should email and Medical students should email:

If you are not sure whether you are eligible for a Council Tax Exemption, further information can be found at the Student Finance Wellbeing webpage


A Transcript of Study is a comprehensive list of modules taken and marks achievedCurrent Undergraduate or Postgraduate taught students can print a transcript if they require evidence of modules studied and marks achieved.

During the exam board periods, access to transcripts may be restricted.

Student Support Plan

You will only be able to view this document if you have met with Student Health and Wellbeing Services about specific support and adjustments.

A Student Support Plan is produced by the Student Health and Wellbeing Service and it sets out identified support and reasonable adjustments, and the information staff need to be aware of to ensure that you can access and participate in your course of study.  The Student Support Plan is intended to be a working document and can be updated at any point during your studies.

If you feel this is something you could benefit from, please contact the Student Health and Wellbeing Service directly by emailing: or by booking an appointment via their web enquiry form

If you require these documents to be officially stamped by the University, do not print them yourself. Instead, send your request to or, if you are on campus, call in to Student Services at level 2, King’s Gate.