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COP26 sparks discussion about car usage in the North East

Supergen Deputy Director, Professor Sara Walker, features in an interview and gives her advice on reducing vehicle emissions.

Vehicle use in Newcastle is a large contributor to the city’s carbon emissions. With 96,000 cars registered within the region and over 55% of journeys made by private vehicles, more can be done to reduce the environmental impact our commutes have on the planet.

With COP26 currently underway, this ITV article provdies insight about how climate change is affecting the North East of England. 

CESI Director, Professor Sara Walker, spoke in an ITV news article this week which highlighted the localised impacts of climate change to the North East of the UK.

Sara gave advice on how the people of Newcastle can reduce carbon emissions and emphasised how important these actions are for the future.

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published on: 9 November 2021