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Heat pumps: UK to install 600,000 a year by 2028 but electrical grid will need massive investment to cope

Dr Robin Preece and Dr Ali Ehsan (Manchester University), recently wrote an article which was published in The Conversation about Heat Pumps and their increased electricity demand if millions more people switch to this form of heating.

In its bid to massively reduce household use of greenhouse gases to net zero by 2050, the UK government aims to encourage the installation of 600,000 heat pumps a year by 2028.

Heat pumps are a relatively new technology that take heat from the air outside, or the ground, to be circulated around a central heating and hot water system, using electricity. They are far more clean and energy efficient than gas.

The increased electricity demand caused by heat pumps if millions more people switch to this form of heating could place an “unmanageable burden” on the electrical grid, increasing the risk of power cuts, according to recent research using data from 6,600 gas-heated homes and 600 homes with heat pumps.

Without additional investments in electricity networks and additional innovations, such power cuts will be more likely. There are ways to reduce this risk but these mean major investment, financial incentives and public acceptance. The government has acknowledged the need to upgrade the grid.

The full article is available to read on the website.


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published on: 12 November 2021