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Understanding and Interpreting your Feedback

A collection of resources to help you understand, interpret and implement feedback from your assessments.

This collection is designed to help you approach your feedback strategically and use feedback to enhance and develop your approach to academic assessments. Discover resources to help make your feedback work for you. 

Building on your feedback

Feedback isn't just there to deliver the grade. Listen to our podcast and watch our video to learn more about how to engage productively with your feedback and apply it to different types of assessments.

Tackling feedback on academic writing

Assessment feedback is intended to develop your familiarity and confidence with key features of academic writing, such as structure, critical analysis and referencing. If you've received feedback on these issues and you're not sure what to do next, take a look at these resources for more information.

The mechanics of writing

Feedback often includes comments about grammar and punctuation, because academic writing needs to be clear and precise. It can be helpful to refresh your knowledge of the basics to make sure you're communicating your ideas effectively. Discover what you need to know about commas, colons, semi-colons, apostrophes and run-on sentences, as well as how to enhance your writing with effective proofreading strategies.

How to paraphrase

If you’ve had feedback that suggests you need to brush up on your paraphrasing skills, find your authorial voice or integrate your reading into your writing more seamlessly, our brand-new interactive resource helps you to understand how to apply these skills in your writing.

Moving forward from assessment and results feedback

An unexpected exam or assessment grade can be disappointing, but it's a great opportunity to apply what you've learned about your strengths and weaknesses. The videos below offer guidance to move forward from disappointing results and offer advice on common issues with academic style. Watch these videos and make sure that nothing gets in the way of your ideas next time around.

Further support

We’ve also got lots of sessions and support to help you to understand your feedback. Check out our one-to-one sessions and our Your Skills programme.