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Preparing For Your Exams

A collection of resources showcasing our best guidance for effective revision and exam preparation, as well as strategies you can use during online and in-person exams.

This collection is designed to support you throughout the exam period, with guidance and resources covering every stage of the exam preparation process. Discover the most effective ways to revise and take notes, as well as ways to manage your time, motivation and wellbeing.

Revising for your exams

Note-taking to help prepare for your exams

Discover note-taking techniques to enhance your revision.

Effective time management for revision

Find out more about how to manage your time effectively and avoid procrastination during the exam period.

How to answer an exam question

Not sure about how to tackle an exam question?  Discover the purpose of exams and explore how to unpick an exam essay question to help you structure and address the task you've been set. 

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Preparing for and taking digital exams 

You may find that your assessment takes the format of a “take home” exam where you have 24, 48, or even 72 hours to complete a paper. Explore our advice about preparing for different types of online assessments.

Types of digital exams

You might be asked to complete a NUMBAS assessment, or a Canvas assessment such as a quiz. As you prepare for your exam you may find it useful to find out more about the digital system you will need to use and identify help information. Knowing how the assessment will be conducted and becoming familiar with the system will help you feel more prepared on the day.

Your wellbeing

Looking after yourself is more important than ever during exam season. We’ve got some useful resources to help support your wellbeing throughout the exam period.

Further support

We’ve also got lots of sessions and support to help you through the assessment process. Check out our one-to-one sessions and our Your Skills programme.