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Interacting with others

The University is a place where everyone has the right to be treated respectfully and equally.

Interacting with other students

The University is a diverse, international environment. Students will meet other students from all over the world and from a wide range of backgrounds. This diversity is one of the most valuable aspects of the University experience. It creates opportunities for everyone in the University community to broaden their experiences and learn from others.  

Every student has the right to be treated respectfully and equally. Likewise, every student is expected to treat all other members of the University community respectfully and equally.  It takes all of us to maintain an environment of equality and mutual respect. If you experience or witness discrimination, speak up - support and robust procedures are in place. 

The Newcastle University student charter outlines your roles and responsibilties to help keep yourself and others safe. 

Interacting with tutors

Students should treat tutors respectfully, but not excessively formally. They should address tutors using their academic titles (for example, Doctor Sandhu) unless (and until) tutors invite them to do differently. 

Tutors are there to support and guide you in your studies. However, they are responsible for large numbers of students, as well as conducting their own teaching and research. This means they are often extremely busy.  

Before contacting tutors with questions, students should check whether they can find the answers to their questions elsewhere (for example, the departmental website or the module handbook). If students do contact tutors, they should not always expect an immediate reply because tutors are so busy. 

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