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Academic Skills Team

From essays to learning strategies, posters to PhDs, the Academic Skills Team can offer advice and guidance on many aspects of study.

How can they help?

The Academic Skills Team can offer advice and guidance on each stage of the academic writing process, from analysing the question to final editing strategies.

They can work with you to understand the expectations of university study and develop techniques and strategies which suit you.

They can offer guidance at any stage of the writing process:

  • understanding the assignment type and question
  • planning and structuring your assignment
  • developing your critical voice
  • integrating literature in your own writing and avoiding plagiarism
  • drafting and editing your writing
  • using feedback to improve future assignments

It's not just writing - they can advise you on other types of assignments such as posters, presentations and group work, as well as academic skills:

  • critical reading and effective note-taking
  • planning and managing your time
  • revision strategies and exam techniques
  • getting the most from lectures and seminars

They support students through:

  • One-to-One tutorials (50 minutes)
  • group tutorials
  • workshops
  • writers' groups

What do you need to know?

The Academic Skills Team provide expert study skills advice to suit you, your level of study and subject. However, they are not subject specialists so are unable to advise on content.

They do not proof-read assignments and they will not check or correct your work for you.

Get in touch

Book a one-to-one: visit the Enhance your Skills webpages to book an individual or group appointment.


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