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Language Resource Centre

Providing resources and facilities for language learning and improvement as well as being a hub for intercultural exchange.

How can they help?

The Language Resource Centre can offer you:

  • Resources and opportunities for language learning in over one hundred languages, including English.
  • Remote access to language learning software.
  • Resources for successful study skills, organising workloads, essay writing, note taking, giving presentations and pronunciation improvement.
  • Specialist English language examination preparation material e.g.  IELTS.
  • Tandem-learning opportunities both online and face-to-face.
  • World TV & Film – an extensive archive of films and TV programmes, available on demand.
  • On-site access to International TV channels and a physical DVD collection.
  • Online Institutional Tandem Exchange (e-Tandem) opportunities in France, Germany and Spain.
  • The Centre runs bookable language learning, conversation practice, one-to-one and language taster sessions.

What do you need to know?

  • The Centre is open to all students; you do not have to be formally studying a language.
  • You must be a member of the Centre to access most of its facilities and services; you can join online. It is free.
  • The Centre does not teach formal courses.
  • Students provide a great deal of the activities that the Centre offers, including student employment opportunities.
  • The Centre uses Canvas and Microsoft Teams extensively.
  • You may be able to incorporate your learning sessions into NCL+.

Get in touch

The Language Resource Centre is number 26 on the campus map, located in the Old Library Building and accessed via the Old Quadrangle entrance.

Find out more: Language Resource Centre website