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Anna Karakusevic

BSc in Biomedical Sciences, graduated July 2018, Upper Second Class Honours Degree.

Senior Value Analyst, Adelphi Values

I am currently a Senior Value Analyst at Adelphi Values, a healthcare value consultancy specialising in market access and health economics, based in Manchester. My role varies depending on the type of project, therapeutic area or client I am working with. However, I am typically involved in undertaking literature reviews, primary research and developing evidence-based dossiers and slide decks to support pharmaceutical products from clinical trials through to post-licensure monitoring and Health Technology Assessment submissions.


I chose to remain on the Biomedical science degree stream as the programme offered flexibility in module choices, particularly in the third year. This gave me the chance to continue to explore the areas I was interested in, principally cancer biology and immunology. My final year project and modules provided me with a robust foundation of scientific knowledge that I rely on daily in my role, especially as I predominantly work with oncology therapies and vaccines.

Newcastle University provided the support and opportunities for me to make the most of my time at University. As well as an interesting course in one of the friendliest cities in the country, there were great societies and an amazing social life – I couldn’t recommend it more!