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Conor Taylor

BSc in Physiological Sciences, graduated June 2018, First Class Honours Degree.

Medicine MBBS (5 year course), Bart's University

I am currently a first-year student (started 2018) reading Medicine at Bart’s and the London University. I am thoroughly enjoying my time here and the course. Without a doubt, the latter is due to the foundations that were laid whilst reading Physiological Sciences at Newcastle University. There is a great deal of overlap in the material covered on the Physiological Sciences course and Medicine. This was partly my reasoning for choosing to specialise in Physiological Sciences at Newcastle. In turn, this has enabled me to flourish and has highlighted to me the high standard of teaching on the Newcastle course.


I am very happy with the decision I made to study for my undergraduate degree at Newcastle and then go into Medicine. This is a viable route into the career. Those who perhaps did not get into undergraduate Medicine first time around should not be disheartened, but instead, be enthusiastic about the future and embrace the opportunities available. Going down this route will provide you with an advantage academically. As we all know, Medicine is a career that is underpinned by a strong academic side and the ability to interact with people, both of which I felt I developed at Newcastle.

It is no exaggeration to state that the majority of the course content being taught in first year Medicine is theory that I have been introduced to previously. I often find myself trying to remember the name of the lecturer who first covered it in Newcastle – happy days! In particular, the Gastrointestinal and Nervous System modules of the third year at Newcastle have really helped me out. Cherish your time at Newcastle University but also remember to enjoy yourself. There is a long path ahead – take advantage of all Newcastle has to offer and you will be rewarded.