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Jonny McHugh

BSc in Physiological Sciences, graduated June 2017, Upper Second Class Honours Degree.

Commercial Motor Pricing, Direct Line Group

I started out in Commercial Motor Pricing for Direct Line Group. This is an interesting role, traditionally done by Maths graduates. My Physiological Sciences degree gave me a great skill set for this role. The role involved building and using statistical models in order to build accurate rates for motor algorithms to price van insurance. Essentially, my job was to make sure that we accurately predict the cost of insurance policies before we sell them to ensure that we are both competitive, yet profitable. I did this by changing rates and rating factors.


My degree really gave me great insight into statistical and analytical methods. The scientific methodology and process taught (particularly in GI physiology) gave me transferable skills that were very applicable in this role. The ability to present and question data was particularly useful and enabled me to thrive in this role, which was noted by my employer. In addition, the ability to tell a story from data, as well as being able to communicate complex information to a non-technical audience, was particularly useful.

I have just started a role in Marketing within Direct Line. Although this is a very different role, my degree gave me a strong set of skills that I use every day. Again, being able to assimilate data quickly from a variety of sources, as well as different types of data (both quantitative and qualitative) is something that is useful. As well as this, the essay technique that we were taught really helps to write briefs to marketing agencies and external companies.