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Lisa Gurung

BSc in Pharmacology, graduated July 2016, Lower Second Class Honours Degree.

Physician Associate, London

During my time at Newcastle, I realised that lab work wasn’t for me, but instead, it ignited a new passion for seeing medication usage in clinical settings. This is why I decided to study a two-year masters degree in Physician Associate studies. Gaining a degree in pharmacology equipped me with a pertinent qualification that was required to study masters in Physician Associate Studies.


Having a solid basis of the mechanism of action of certain drugs helped me to better understand the management of conditions taught in PA studies. It has been fulfilling to be able to apply this into practice in my clinical work as a Physician Associate when medications’ side effects, contraindications and monitoring eg kidney function is discussed with colleagues for patient safety and better care.

In the future, I hope to carry out teaching sessions for colleagues from my speciality about the pharmacological aspect of medicine we commonly find in our field.