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Marta Marcos Mareque

Marta describes the skills gained from her array of placements.

During my placements at various hospitals and community settings, including Freeman Hospital, and in mental health and learning disability settings at the Cumbria, Northumberland and Tyne and Wear Trust (CNTW) Trust, I gained invaluable insights into the diverse aspects of dietetics. At Freeman Hospital, I worked with patients facing a range of health conditions, gaining firsthand experience and collaborating closely with diverse specialties.

My placements within mental health and learning disabilities services at CNTW Trust presented unique challenges, refining my adaptability and problem-solving skills as I catered to diverse patient needs. Communication emerged as a prominent challenge, underscoring the importance of clear interaction in quality care delivery.

These experiences equipped me with a range of skills essential for my growth as a dietitian. I refined my adaptability and problem-solving abilities, improved my communication skills, and learned the importance of collaboration in multidisciplinary teams. Engaging in community outreach initiatives deepened my understanding of nutrition's broader societal impact, strengthening my commitment to promoting health and well-being.